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Dalam suatu pembicaraan di telefon dengan orang Italy Me : By the way, I often make spaghetti bolognaise (saya mengucapkannya bolognais) X : What kind of spaghetti hat? *hening beberapa detik* X : i think that you mean is bolognaise (pengucapannya bolonyes ) Me :...
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Terus Jualan Apaan ?

Sebuah Iklan Asuransi di Radio Iklan [Radio] : Segera Beli Asuransi di G**** O** maka anda langsung mendapatkan gratis asuransi Me : *mikir* Terus yang dijual apaan ya ?
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Blackberry keyboard light shut off / not working

Do you have problem with your¬†Blackberry keyboard light that doesn’t turn on althought you have restarted your BB many times ? I have the simple way, hard restart your Blackberry and ¬†close the Blackberry cencor where is on the top right with your finger. How?...
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